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Want A Guaranteed Google Inbox Invite By 5 PM, Read Below How

Google is expanding its Inbox invite program. It issued plenty of Inbox invites today, with a new ‘Happy Hour’ taking place between 3 p.m. PT and 4 p.m. PT. If users email them at asking for an invite during that window, they’ll get access guaranteed by 5 p.m. PT today.

If you have been twiddling your thumbs hoping Google would grant you access, then here is your chance. Make sure when inboxing them you use a personal gmail, as a Business email or Google Apps email will not work.Proving to be the most interesting in terms of non-traditional email software, with most other contenders falling short on making any kind of mark on the industry. The app benefits by machine learning smarts that Google began developing and honed using its smart Categories feature for standard Gmail, and in its Google Now intelligent mobile assistant software.


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