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Being A Ghost Is Like Being Born Again.... Only Backwards

Since its October we are going to reminisce our childhood years with some of the movies that creeped us out as well as made us wish we could experience them. First on our list is Casper, the friendly ghost that if taken in the right context Casper could come off as quite the creeper. We are talking about scenes like this one

Casper not only made us feel all warm inside but some of the scenes may have made you feel a bit uneasy. From the disgusting uncles to the slightly creepy vibe you get from Casper's infatuation with Cat. All in all we believe it is the perfect choice for first on this list. Since it is October and our freaking favorite month of the year... we love Halloween, we are going to throw out coupon codes left and right and we will have a contest that starts the 29th and goes tell the 31st. The winner will get something that might weird/creep you out or may make you really feel the spirit of Halloween.

Use code CASPER for 15% off anything in our store.

Let us know what you thought of this movie in the comments below and dont forget to share and like.


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