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The Front Of St. Nix Retail Store In Longmont, CO
Our Origins 
St Nix Collectibles, Toys & Antiques is a store offering discounted collectibles, toys, antiques, books, action figures, video games, clothing and other nerd, geek and antique collectibles. We started the company in 2021 with one idea to make it so you dont have to wait till Christmas to get all the nerdy, geeky & antiquey goodness you want. We also want to have a fun, unique space for families to come and enjoy all different things from present and past. We continue to strive to be the best all around company out there. Our customers are our foundation, without you our business would tumble. We hope every visit to our store is nothing less then SUPER!

Our Return Policy
St Nix Stores offers a 30 day return policy on any product purchased from our shop. If a product has been opened there may be a restocking fee or the return may not be processed depending on what the product is. Buyer is to pay return shipping if there was no fault by our shop in why you are returning the product.
Terms Of Service
St Nix Stores distributes products from manufacturers with permission of the specific manufacturer. In no way does St Nix Stores state we are the manufacturer of these products. We are a distributor/wholesaler/retailer. 
Our Commitment
St Nix Stores saves you money on leading brand collectibles, toys, antiques, comics, video games, and nerd and geek gear. We strive to deliver the best prices and the best quality.
Our Service 
St Nix Stores is known for our commitment to moral business practices and conduct. Our products are guaranteed. We respect our customers and appreciate their ongoing relationship with us. We highly value our customers' feedback, and promptly address any customer issues.
Our site 
St Nix Stores, working in partnership with Comodo who have evolved a secure shopping environment to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our customers when shopping with us. St Nix Stores meets Internet security standards set by the FBI, National Infrastructure Protection Center and the federally funded Computer Security Center, so you can shop and save with complete confidence.
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