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St. Nix Celebrates Their Faith And The Resurrection By Resurrecting Their Name Your Price Sale

First we want to say we love and appreciate all of you no matter what your beliefs are. But with our family and since we are a small family business we are celebrating what our beliefs are for the rest of the month. We want to bless others because we have been blessed, with a free gift with any purchase from 3/8-3/30. We also want to give anyone the oppurtunity to get the things that bring them joy through our store for a discount. We are bringing our Name Your Price sale back 3/8-3/30. Come in or online make us a reasonable offer on anything. We will be celebrating our Christian faith by having really cute necklaces and bracelets for any customer during this time. The necklace is a mustard seed under a mountain which represents faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain. The bracelets have Bible verses on them. We understand that not everyone believes the same way, but we also want you to know that we love and appreciate everyone who comes into our small business no matter what you believe. We are here to laugh, smile and help you find those nostalgic toys and collectibles always, but wanted to not shy away from our faith during this month of celebration. We appreciate everyones understanding and hope everyone who wants one will come grab a necklace or a bracelet and get some awesome discounts. #nameyourprice #resurrectionsunday #easter #eastersale #stnix #freegift #toystore #collectiblesstore #faithassmallasamustardsee #bibleversebracelets #passover #passoversale

Resurrection Sunday Name Your Price Sale


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