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McDonald's Toys That Didn't Suck

Who remembers the McDonald's food Transformers, or the Super Mario toys. I was browsing some old stuff and came across some old McDonalds toys that I actually really enjoyed and were very memorable. I am gonna post some of my favorites. Feel free to comment with your favoriate McDonalds toys and memories as a kid. This is to remember the good ole days when McDonald's was only poisoning us secretly and their toys in the kids meals rocked. There were no health nuts ruining me shoving a Big Mac in my mouth. But sadly those days have changed and now I cant even eat a McRib without wondering if its Rib I am eating or imatation Rib.

McDino Changeables


Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Vehicles


McNugget Buddies


Masterpiece Disney VHS


Tiny Toons Flip Cars


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