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No Husband Is Safe From This 33 Year Old 9 Year Old

So just in case your totally confused after reading the title, we will go ahead and clarify. We are continuing our "29 Days Tell Halloween" with Man Crush Monday #MCM #Mancrushmonday. The movie we are referencing this time is a 33 year old woman who looks 9 and moves into your home as your sweet adopted daughter. Next thing you know she is trying to sleep with your husband and murdering him whenever she doesn't get what she wants. Still dont know what we are talking about? Well heres the movie poster


So if you havent seen this creepy take on the hypopituitarism disease, then head to your local video store and pick this one up. This little girl/woman takes "Man Crush" to a whole new level. The story behind this seriously twisted film is a man and woman are extremely broken after their 3rd stillborn child. So they decide to spare themselves anymore heartbreak and adopt Esther. Shes a sweet, very mature 9 year old girl who they think will be the perfect addition to their family. Things really start to get weird when Esther starts to act out and make advances towards John the adopted father. We wont say much more about the movie other than this is a must watch for any true horror/thriller fan. It will have you feeling quite eerie and satisfied at the same time.

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Here is a quick tidbit from the film to get you intrigued

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