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Jump In the Line....Gosh Dang it

In our 29 days(yes 29 we started a day late) tell Halloween posts we have decided to call today Freaky Friday on the social networks #Freakyfriday #FF, and take it back to Michael Keaton and shrunken heads. Just in case you dont know what we are referencing watch this video and see if it sparks your memory

Yes we are talking about one of our favorites BeetleJuice(Betelgeuse), one movie my girlfriend cant even watch because it still creeps her out to this day. So we are gonna highlight a few of the things that just made this movie great.

#1 It had a ghost who when you spoke his name 3 times would appear and either make your life a living hell or start the party.

#2 Its musical sequences were just to damn fun to forget, Mr. Belafonte's "Jump In The Line" still pops into our heads on occasion.

#3 It was directed by Tim Burton, which even though he hasn't put out anything too spectacularly memorable lately he is still a genius and is the mind behind "Great" movies like Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, not to mention Batman

#4 It spun off an a cartoon series that if you never got a chance to watch you should go find the torrents for it or if you are a big enough fan go here COMPLETE SERIES and get all the seasons. Just an overall awesome show. Here is the opening sequence

#5 The soundtrack is amazingly wonderful. If you love soundtracks and don't have this soundtrack, well then you don't deserve to be a lover of soundtracks.

Since it is the countdown to Halloween we throw out a different coupon everyday for fun. Todays is BELAFONTE for 15% Anything in our store.

Post some pics of your favorite Halloween films on social media with the #halloquizzy we will pick one person between all of our social media accounts and between Oct 29-31 we will anounce the winner. The winner will get something weird/spooky that will really ignite the spirit of Halloween

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