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Gotham - A Legend Reborn - The After Show Synapsis

Fun synapsis of the Gotham TV show for anyone interested in starting to watch the show. Gotham is

1.IS NOT Just A COMIC BOOK SHOW. It’s police detective, crime solving team establishing what is the good and evil of Gotham. What makes people subsequently become good or evil. What drives their morals and madness

2. IS A MUST WATCH FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES THE GOTHAM UNIVERSE AND NOT JUST BATMAN This show is about establishing the Gotham universe and more so the background of Detective Gordan not about Bruce Wayne becoming The Batman

3.Is Visually Stunning The setting is timeless. The visualazation is stunning. The team behind making Gotham really hit the nail on the head in portraying the city from the comics

5. IS FULL OF EASTER EGGS If you have went to see new comic book movies or TV shows and almost peed your pants with excitement when there are plenty of "Easter Eggs". Then get your adult diapers ready because Gotham is full of them.

Overall Gotham is simply an amazing show that will dissapoint some but satisfy most fans.


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