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Brand New - With 25 surprises in one package, Barbie Color Reveal Glitter! Hair Swaps dolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience with glittery Original Color Reveal Innovation and 10 different plug-in hair pieces that can be mixed and matched to make it all about the hair!Kids unbox this multi-piece set by opening the package outer layer to find 15 mystery bags and a hair spritz bottle-inspired tube -- remove the packaging cap and find a child-sized scrunchie!Unscrew the top of the tube and pull out a doll covered from head to toe in Color Reveal pink glitter! Keep unboxing to find a pet friend and 10 colorful hair pieces that can be mixed and matched between the doll and the pet -- create a look, then swap it out!To start the reveal, fill the tube with warm water, place the doll inside and swirl her around -- the water turns into a glittery pink color a magical effect! Pull out the doll to reveal her look -- she has a bodice with a sweet cupcake graphicOpen the rest of the mystery bags to reveal their surprises -- a skirt, pair of shoes, purse, brush, necklace, earrings, furry boa, hair accessories, a disco ball and confetti!Use ice-cold water for color-change transformations that can be repeated over and over again -- change the doll's lips and eyes and the pet's face!Mix and match the hair pieces to create so many different hairstyles on the doll and the pet puppy -- the 10 hair pieces are interchangeable between Barbie doll and her puppy for super-fun stories and stylish party looks!


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Barbie Color Reveal Glitter! Hair Swaps Doll Glittery Pink 25 Surprises

SKU: 887961988253

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