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This Halloween Lets Keep Kids Safe And Have Alternatives... We Dont Want Another Giant Blueberry On

Since tomorrow is Halloween and it is one of the most popular times of the year to receive numerous different types of treats and candy, we here at Quizzys Software Shop want to make sure all the local parents and people handing out candy make sure they have alternatives for EOE(Eosinophilic esophagitis) and other kids with food allergies. One thing you can do so people know you have alternatives to the popular goodies out there is to paint a pumpkin Teal and put it on your front porch. This lets parents and kids know that you have alternatives for EOE and other kiddos with food allergies. One thing we did was get Dum-Dums for kids with EOE as well as little boxes of Halloween tattoos which can be seen below for any other food allergies. Lets face it, kids will be kids and wouldnt you feel better as a person to know that you didnt accidentally send some kid into shock because they ate something they were allergic to. Here are some great alternatives to the normal types of candy that are usually handed out. For EOE Kids Dum-Dums Are A Great Choice As Well As Non Food Halloween Favors.

Halloween theme items: Handing out fun items like Halloween stickers, pencils, plastic spiders, glow-in-the- dark insects and sticky hands are spooky and cost effective. Many of these toys can be found at dollar stores or bought in bulk for pennies per item. It’s not candy, but people won’t look at you as a broomstick-in-the- mud.

Active toys: Another cost-effective gift is small toys like bouncy balls, cars, bubbles or chalk that will keep kids active and playing outdoors. Movement is the best counterstrike to burn off all the calories that kids will be exposed to from Halloween.

More fun and games: Other alternatives to sweets include temporary tattoos, coloring books, crayons, mini slinky and yo-yo’s to help kids to use their imagination. see more at more information on EOE and food allergies please visit these linksEOE AWARENESS FOOD ALLERGIES IN INFANTS, CHILDREN AND ADULTS


Our Teal Pumpkin


Here Are Our EOE And Allergy Alternatives


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