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Everthing Is Not Awesome, Watch These Poor People And Animals Drown In Oil

So this article is not quite as dramatic as the title but we are definitely as green as we can be and we want to make people aware of the same thing Greenpeace is and when it comes to the title it refers to the video below. Shell and Lego have joined forces which may not sound like a big deal to some but flashback to 2012 when shells oil rig

Polar bear in the Arctic

Kulluk, ran aground and needed to be rescued in the Arctic. Just in case you don't know malfunctions with Oil rigs while drilling can and will cause catastrophic damage to the environment around it, sickening and killing defenseless animals and sometimes people. Shell has taken on the goal of merging with big brands to help improve their image but Greenpeace is not having it, Since LEGO's merger with Shell, Greenpeace has campaigned against the merger saying that if Lego ends their partnership with Shell it will hinder Shell from continuing to gain access to drilling in areas that are seriously effecting the local animal life, specifically the Arctic. Help Greenpeace in their fight against this injustice against animals and go here ACT and sign the petition to have LEGO cut ties with Shell. Greenpeace has been successful in not only keeping animals safe but also keeping us safe as well. Just this year, after public Greenpeace campaigns, Adidas committed to eliminating toxic chemicals used in producing its clothing line, as well as Proctor & Gamble committed to a no-deforestation policy. Help make animals lives as well as ours and our childrens lives safer by going and signing the petition.

Share and help get the word out. One person can help make a difference. Also check out this video from Greenpeace showing that contrary to popular believe when it comes to the companies

LEGO and Shell

Everything Is Not Awesome.

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