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Since its Wednesday and we are continuing our "29 Days Tell Halloween", we are naming today Witch Wednesday or #witchwednesday #ww. The film we are referencing today was actually not well received when it first came to theaters in 1993 but after making it to VHS(Yes VHS, you youngsters reading this may not even know what that is) it became a Cult Classic and every year during Halloween the film is resurrected. Hocus Pocus focuses on 3 witches who have to steal the life force from kiddos to stay alive. They unfortunately die in the year 1693 but not before turning a boy into a immortal cat and enchanting a candle that if lit by a virgin they would be able to return. Fast forward to Halloween 1993 some kids dont believe the story of the Sisters to be true and light the candle, bringing the witches back from the dead and a whole mess of trouble to pursue. This is one of those movies if you dont care to watch it any other time of the year, you must watch it during the Halloween holiday just for the sake of keeping this Cult Classic alive. Check out Quizzys and use code BINX for 25% off any software purchase.


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