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Dead Man Walking....Dead Man Walking....Oh God! The Walking Dead Are Everywhere

Since its Selfie Sunday #SS #Selfie Sunday we will start out by posting this


Yes we are continuing our 29 Days Tell Halloweenblog with all the info we know on The Walking Dead Season 5.

We are crazy excited about this season, from all the spoilers we have read and pictures we have seen we think this may be one of the best seasons yet. If you have your own opinions or ideas to add feel free to post them in the comments and follow our blog for more to come.

Alright so we are going to start it off with the plot... From what we have heard, and read TWD S5 is going be particularly exciting because we don’t have a home base like the farm or the prison. “There's such an unknown quantity of where they're gonna go and where they're gonna end up." Denise Huth said. She also noted that, while walkers are always going to be a threat, inevitably it's the people they meet that impact them. Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) said, "People are really getting to the end of their rope and we're seeing how it's affecting everyone." As Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) noted, there has to be a reason to move forward. Otherwise, what do they have to live for? What’s the point of even fighting back if there’s no end in sight? So what is the end in sight.....The Washington, D.C. mission will surely play a part in that, but to know exactly where everyone ends up you will have to tune in Oct 12th for the Season Premiere. One thing that we are really excited about is to see what main characters they take out in this season. What do you want to see in Season 5, who do you want to see stay and who do you not care for. Let me know what your thoughts are and what you want to see next. USE CODE ZOMSELFIE FOR %15 OFF ANYTHING IN OUR STORE QUIZZYS SHOP Watch this Season 5 Premiere Trailer for a bit of excitement in your Sunday

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