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Welcome to the TOTAKU Collection (pronounced Toe-Tak-Oo), a unique series of highly detailed figurines from video game franchises past and present. Join the collection today and create a whole collection of figures from games such as Tekken, Crash Bandicoot, Little Big Planet, Bloodborne and WipEout as we work our way through gaming's greatest heroes!
10cm Highly Detailed Figurines
Series numbered - collect them all
Non-Articulated Fixed Base
Multiple Ways to Display

Unless stated otherwise, all items are NEW and in stock and orders placed before 10 am MST will ship the same day to next day.
(With Our Collectibles We Do Our Very Best To Ship Mint Condition Products, We Will Usually State If There Is Any Type Of Box Damage In The Listings)

Location: B7=1

Totaku Ni No Kuni 2 Evan Figure

SKU: 719546188997

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