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A Weapon Has Fallen Down Behind Character In Package But Is Still There - Card In Great Condition Just A Very Slight Curve And Some Wear, Light Veining, Has Tape On Back Where The Caps Are And The Card Is Partially Open Under Tape  - Bubble In Excellent Condition, Has Small Crack Near Weapons(Hard to Show) Bubble Is Partially Coming Up In Some Spots Including Side, Top And Bottom But Is Mostly Still Connected - Brand New Sealed - Comes with figure, cap firing time head, whip, knuckles, pistol, sword, hose and roll of caps


  • 1988 Hasbro Cops N Crooks Nightmare Attack Android


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1988 Hasbro Cops N Crooks Nightmare Attack Android

SKU: 038976077214
$150.00 Regular Price
$127.50Sale Price

Fathers Day Week Sale

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