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New arrivals at St. Nix! The Secret Wars Magneto figure is complete.Beetlejuice set includes all three vinyl figures for the price. Please note that the President book, published in 1959, does not feature all presidents. Claim these items for pick up in-store and receive a 15% discount. You can also find these items online at

More in at St. Nix, The Masters of the universe, transformers and Star Trek are re-releases. The Beavis and Butthead are pull string dolls that when you pull them they say different phrases. All the little figurines Are salt and pepper shakers. Claim here for pickup in store and get 15% off or all this can be found online at

More in at St. Nix, The Hess truck the electronics dont work so just mostly a toy. The Godzilla is brand new in the box but it looks like it got bounced around in there and two of the scales on the back chipped a little bit. It's not crazy bad. It could easily be touched up and you wouldn't be able to notice it. Some of the Beetlejuice is complete. Some of it is partially complete. Some of it has no accessories. claim here for pick up in store and get 15% off. All this can be found online at as well


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